Key highlights of GJS Virtual

6 unique exhibitions of 6 days each
A Yearly Launched Platform
Live chat and video call option
Easy to use Studio setup to showcase products
Platform to reach 75,000 retailers across 1200 cities across the country
Workshops and webinars on industry issues throughout the 6 days of exhibition


Mr. Anand J. Pednekar

Anand Jagannath Pednekar Jewellers Pvt. Ltd.

In the present times, when there are no exhibitions happening, it becomes very difficult to source new designs. GJS Virtual will help us to deal with that. Most importantly, since the platform is available 365 days a year, the benefits will be far-fetched and futuristic in nature. We are waiting for the visitor registrations to begin and will be there for sure.

Mr. A. S. Sriram

Ans Jewelry

GJS Virtual acts as a wonderful platform to bring retailers and manufacturers together virtually yet source the goods with same seriousness and feel of a physical exhibition. These kind of initiatives, especially taken by the industry, will give a long term and promising effect on the business.

Mr. A.b.s. Sanjjay

Avr Swarna Mahal Jewelry Private Limited

With no physical exhibitions happening and travelling being an issue, virtual is the right way to move forward. Plus, the availability of GJS Virtual over the year gives us a platform to visit and witness new collections from time to time. We are waiting for the visitor registrations to begin so that we can enrol our entire team to participate and make the full use of it.

Mr. Ajay Talla

Talla Jewellers

GJC has always worked for the progression of the industry. With no physical exhibitions happening due to Covid, there was a huge gap between demand and supply. GJS Virtual will be a great tool for the industry to deal with this crisis.

Mr. B A Ramesh

Thangamayil Jewellery Ltd

With no physical exhibitions and limited options to choose from, GJS Virtual will be a saviour for the industry. The tool will definitely open up the industry once again bridging the gap between demand and supply. We are waiting for the first instalment of the show.

Mr. Davanam Ramesh

Davanam Jewellers Pvt Ltd

Striking at the right time shows the true character of a leader. GJC has once again hit the bullseye with an offering like GJS Virtual. A platform like this is just what the industry needs right now. We will be looking forward to it to witness new designs.

Mr. Dilip Lagu

Lagu Bandhu Motiwale

GJS Virtual will be a great opportunity for the industry to bridge the exiting gaps. This is a great initiative by GJC in these strict guidelines driven times. The features provided in the tool will definitely benefit us in taking quick decisions.

Mr. Himanshu Shekhar

Manohar Lal Sarraf & Sons Jewellers Pvt. Ltd.

With the changing business environment due to the pandemic, it is imperative that we adapt to the new ways to grow our businesses. GJC has brought the solution to that problem. GJS Virtual will be a game changer and will redefine the ways the industry has been operating.

Mr. Ishu Datwani

Anmol Jewellers

With no physical exhibitions happening currently, a virtual business platform is the need of the hour. GJS Virtual will help us to get in touch with large manufacturers and get the business running in full flow. Plus, there is no travelling involved which makes it very easy for us to involve our full team to be a part of the show. We are looking forward to it.

Mr. Jagmohan Soni

L. Gopal Jewellers Pvt Ltd

With the launch of GJS Virtual and the features provided has once again proved that, the networking platforms provided by GJC are truly for the industry and by the industry. GJS Virtual has focussed on the quality of product showcase which definitely plays a major part in decision making. We look forward to be part of it.

Mr. Krishan Kumar Soni

Manik Chand Jewellers

The COVID pandemic and the imposed lockdown has taught us to rethink our businesses. Due to the restrictions imposed, I cannot travel to Mumbai. However, with the introduction of GJS Virtual, I will be able to purchase the jewellery and carry out business without the need of travel. During these extraordinary times, GJS Virtual will surely transform the jewellery trade.

Mr. Manoj A. Soni

Arvindbhai Bechardas Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. (A.b. Jewels)

With the changing business environment, availability of a virtual marketplace is a big boon for the industry. It cuts down a lot of costs that are otherwise involved. Also, we can rope in our staff in larger numbers to witness the new designs. The networking opportunities would also be huge. We will be visiting the platform with our full force and wish GJC the best of luck for its success.

Mr. Pradeep M. Kothari

Karan Kothari Jewellers Pvt. Ltd.

With the ongoing lockdown relaxations and the upcoming festive season, we are hoping for the business to be back on track. With no possibility of trade exhibitions, GJS Virtual will be a great platform for the buyer and seller to connect without any restrictions of time and location. Without travelling, we can also rope in our full staff that will be beneficial for us. We are excited and will be there for sure.

Mr. Pratap M. Kamath

Abharan Timeless Jewellery

With amazing features like a studio setup to display products, GJS Virtual will be the perfect solution to an exhibition following social distancing measures. This is truly a futuristic move by GJC which will be a great help for the industry to get back on its feet.

Mr. Rajendra Jain

Md, Swarovski Gemstones

GJC has always introduced opportunities to showcase the jewellery and promote the trade, be it PMI or the NJA. Now with the launch of GJS Virtual, the industry has got the much-needed platform to explore, connect and carry out businesses. We are excited and look forward to it.

Mr. Ramesh Narang

Hazoorilal & Sons Jewellers

With no physical exhibitions happening, GJS Virtual is the need of the hour. The platform is technology driven that has been developed keeping our industry in mind and has been brought to us by GJC, which by itself endorses its viability. It will be a game changer for the industry, and we will be visiting the platform for sure.

Mr. Subir Kumar Sen

B. C. Sen & Co. Ltd.

Geographical distances are always a problem when it comes to physical exhibitions, especially now when travelling is a big threat. Availability of a virtual platform was always the need for the industry which GJC has initiated. GJS Virtual will help us connect with manufacturers without any geographical boundaries and we are looking forward to enrolling our entire team to make the best use of the opportunity.

Mr. Suvro Chandra

P.c. Chandra & Sons (I) Pvt Ltd

In today’s times, when travelling is a big question mark, GJS Virtual totally bridges the gap between a buyer and a seller. This is a great initiative by GJC which will greatly empower the industry in difficult times. Looking forward to it.

Mr. Vijay Khanna

Khanna Jewellers

GJS Virtual is an exciting prospect initiated by GJC that will greatly help the industry to progress. A platform that gives us the opportunity to see the products in today’s times is just what is needed now. We are really thrilled to witness the virtual exhibition and will be participating with our full team.

Mr. Ashok Vastani

Dass Jewellers

The businesses all across have slowly opened. However, the major concern was that we were unable to travel for business purposes. GJC’s timely introduction of GJS Virtual will surely help us reach our customers throughout the country without worry.

Dr. B. Govindan

Bhima Jewellery e

With the pandemic and repeated lockdowns, the smooth functioning of the industry has been badly hit. GJC has always worked for the progress of the industry and GJS Virtual will definitely be beneficial for us. Looking forward to it.

Mr. Milan M. Shah

Kalamandir Jewellers Pvt. Ltd.

Excited about this new event organised by GJC. Virtual interface is the need of the hour as physical exhibitions are not possible for at least some time. GJS Virtual will help us to meet new people in the business and since the platform is open 365 days, a lot of networking possibilities will be available too. We are waiting for the visitor registrations to begin and are looking forward to it. right

Mr. Rajan Rastogi

Jugal Kishore Jewellers

With the lockdown relaxing and the business picking up, we will definitely be on the look-out for exclusive designs for our customers. GJS Virtual will be a great platform to meet new sellers and witness new collections that will help us all through the year. Moreover, with no travelling involved, the overall scope increases for our staff. We will enrol as soon as the visitor registrations begin. All the best to GJC.

Mr. Rajiv Arora

Founder, Amrapali Jewels Pvt. Ltd.

The beauty of GJS Virtual is its cost-effectiveness which will help us route the money for effective buying. Since, there is no travelling involved in this exhibition, we will be getting our entire team to witness the products and will make the full use of the opportunity. We are waiting for the visitor registrations to begin for the show.

Dr. Ravi Kapoor

Kays Jewels Limited

With the festival season coming up, it is important for us to be updated with the latest trends. For this to happen, we need to meet and discuss possibilities with sellers which is a big problem with no trade exhibitions happening soon. Hence, GJS Virtual will be trend setter in the industry as it will open new avenues of business expansion. We will be visiting the platform with full attendance.

Mr. Vikas Kataria


With the markets opening, we are expecting the flow of customers to increase over time. Hence, it is important to meet and network with new sellers. GJS Virtual will be a great platform to do all of this. Also, it is safe and futuristic as there is no travelling involved and all that is required is a good internet connection. We are excited and waiting to get our team enrolled once the registrations begin.

Mr. Hasmukh Parekh

Hasmukh Parekh Jewellers

GJC has always helped the industry progress and this is a great move at the right time. With no travelling involved, our staff can concentrate on connecting with the visitors from the safe environment of our office. Also, the cost involved is very reasonable considering it gives us an access to the platform for 365 days with 36 days of exhibition in a year. We are in it as a premium exhibitor and wish all the best to GJC.

Mr. Bhavik Shah

R P Ornaments

The GJS Virtual launch yesterday was excellent. GJC took care of all our requirements and this really seems to be apt platform for us to connect with right buyers. We are excited and really looking forward to being a part of this initiative.

Mr. Chetan Thadeshwar

Shringar House Of Mangalsutra Pvt Ltd

This is really an exciting opportunity GJC has given us in these trying times to showcase our jewellery without the need of travel. The features of GJS Virtual look promising and we feel confident that it will surely benefit us.

Mr. Manoj Golecha

Shri Rishabh Jewellers

The moment we saw the demo, we were really excited. I am participating and am sure that this will lead to a lot of growth for our business. The studio feature will help us to showcase our products to the retailers which is otherwise impossible in the present situation. Looking forward to it.

Mr. Raju Bhai Bracelet

Rk Jewels

With all the exhibitions either cancelled or postponed, the introduction of GJS Virtual has given us the perfect platform to connect with our existing customers as well as the new ones. Congratulations to GJC for coming up with this much needed initiative.

Mr. Vineet Vasa

Lotus Jewellery Creations

This is exactly what we wanted and GJC has once again provided a perfect platform for the B2B market. Though there are restrictions due to the Covid pandemic, GJS Virtual will give us the right opportunity to grow our business across the nation. Its features are beyond imagination, it will really change the game.

Paul J Alukka

MD - Jos Alukkas

Innovative thinking is the need of the hour to keep business growing, to maintain networking and to stay updated. The GJS Virtual show is a commendable initiative from GJC. In these times when travel isn't most advisable, this virtual platform conceptualized by GJC will be a great way for us to connect with sellers, interact with market experts, understand jewellery trends, etc. It will give us a detailed insight into the products too. The joining process has been kept really simple too and this will surely encourage more participation. Congratulations GJC on this smart initiative. We look forward to being part of this experience.

Rajesh Kalyanaraman

Kalyan Jewellers

GJS Virtual with its dynamic features will be a great platform for business as well as networking. The very fact that the platform is not handicapped by location, enables business with ease. This is truly the need of the hour.

Sunil Nayak

Reliance Jewels

Change is inevitable and digital is the way forward. GJS Virtual is feature driven and futuristic which will definitely be useful for trade. I am going to be there to witness this initiative by GJC and hope you do so too.

Alukkas Varghese Joy

Joyalukkas India Pvt Ltd

GJS Virtual is a great opportunity at the right time which will enable the buyer to meet the right sellers cost-effectively. Also, there is ease of access right from our office which allows us to rope-in a larger number of people from our team. We are looking forward to it.

GR Radhakrishnan

GRT Jewellers

GJS Virtual is a great initiative by GJC to fight against the present odds. The platform will help us to witness new designs sitting in the comfort of our offices, without travelling to far off locations. We will ensure that we make the best use of the opportunity.

Asher O

Malabar Gold & Diamond

GJC has always worked towards the progression of our industry and GJS Virtual is, once again, a great initiative. This will open-up loads of trade and networking possibilities which will be available year long. We will enrol our entire team to witness the platform. Good luck to GJC.

Jayant Raniga

PureJewels, London

As we are based abroad, it is imperative for us to visit the Indian exhibitions to fulfil our inventory requirements. However, the process is costly, time consuming and involves a lot of planning. GJS Virtual will change these overall dynamics because there are no geographical and time restrictions. I will be there and so should you.

Hemant Jhaveri

AL Sulaiman Jewellers, Qatar

Our purchasing is thoroughly planned which involves a big team. However, it becomes difficult for each one to travel and attend the yearly exhibitions. By going digital, GJC has brought a required change in the industry which solves quite a lot of our problems. We are excited and will be there.

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